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Neoclassica@Data4History 2021

Modelling temporal and spatial entities is a major challenge when datafying historical information because both categories envelope often incomplete and ambiguous information, expressed in a multitude of ways and concepts particular to a language and historiographic tradition. These challenges imbued in the nature of the historical fundamentals not only affect modelling as a practice but also the way in which linked data can be built and information can be extracted from unstructured data. In the Neoclassica project we strive to create rich conceptual representations of Neoclassical realia as well as their relations to the lifeworld from which they sprung and make these representations accessible to inquiry from the historical disciplines. On Data4History 2021, we had the pleasure to present our approach to modelling the ”historical fundamentals”.

Kindly find the presentation here: DOI:10.13140/RG.2.2.21869.92649

There is now also a recording available at: