Prof. Dr. Siegfried Handschuh

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Handschuh

Chair Holder

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Handschuh is professor at Universität Passau, Fakultät für Informatik und Mathematik, Lehrstuhl für Informatik mit Schwerpunkt Digital Libraries und Web Information Systems. Prior to the acquisition of the Chair in Passau, he was  professor at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) and head of the Knowledge Discovery Unit at the Insight Center for Data Analytics in Galway.

He studied computer science in Ulm and information science in Konstanz and was assistant at the Institute for Applied Computer Science and Formal Description Methods at the University of Karlsruhe, subsequently. In 2001, he continued with a research stay at Stanford Database Group at Stanford University in the United States. He received his doctorate with magna cum laude in Karlsruhe in 2005.

Prof. Handschuh coordinated numerous research and development projects on international level. He was involved in attracting extensive project funding: of the EU, the Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and from national sources, amongst others. In addition, he has worked with multinational companies such as HP, SAP, IBM, Motorola, Cisco, Avaya, British Telecom, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Thales and Elsevier Publishing.

Furthermore, he conducted research at Digital Aristoteles Project that aimed at the semantic content analysis and knowledge modeling of schoolbooks, and was funded by the Microsoft founder and philanthropist, Paul Allen. His current research deals mainly with the areas of semantic technologies, information linguistics, information extraction and web information retrieval.

  • Location: Passau