Simon Donig

Simon Donig

Research assistant

Dr. Simon Donig is a research assistant at the chair for Digital Libraries and Web Information Systems at the University of Passau. He has studied History and Political Science at the Universities of Hamburg and Konstanz.

His interest in computerization and the rise of the information society has initially led him to research on technology transfer and software history and continues to contribute to his work in the field of the Digital Humanities.

He is also a parent to the Neoclassica research project, conceived to craft new instruments for scholars in the History of Art for tracing the co-occurrence of aesthetic forms in multimodal artefacts from the era of Classicism. This will finally lead not only to better scholarly understanding to processes of stylistic transformation but offer also a more profound understanding of material culture and transferts culturels to historians.

In combining strong qualitative research skills and narration with a keen interest in formalized modelling and data-driven computer assisted knowledge discovery he is particularly adapt for bridging the gap between the different disciplinary cultures. In doing so he for instance represents the chair within the working group „Research Database“ of the German Lost Art Foundation.